AIA North Carolina

Design Awards

Design Awards

The AIA North Carolina Design Awards program recognizes architects regionally and nationally for exceptional design expertise. Spanning public, private, and educational design, the deign awards showcase the variety and depth of the design experience of North Carolina architects. Each project is carefully chosen by juries composed of some of the nation’s most elite architects. Each project  is selected because it exceeds benchmarks for outstanding architectural design, structural composition, and application of design theory.


Residential Design Awards

Residential Design Awards are juried separate from the Design Awards, and are meant to recognize design extraordinary residential architects in North Carolina. Architecture in North Carolina is as diverse as the landscape. From the ocean to the mountains, each house has its own unique set of qualities and complications. The jury will be asked to judge each house based on its sensitivity to its surroundings, its client’s needs, and the way people interact with and inhabit the spaces.

Chapter Awards

The AIA North Carolina Chapter Awards are the highest honor that the North Carolina Chapter can give to members, firms, or members of the community. Our awards include the F. Carter Williams Gold Medal, William H. Deitrick Service Medal, Firm Award, Legacy Award and the Gail A. Lindsey Sustainability Award.