Gail A. Lindsey Sustainability Award

Lindsey, GailAIA North Carolina 

Gail A. Lindsey Award

During her career as an architect, Gail Lindsey approached each professional challenge with exuberance, resolve, and a commitment for success. Much of her effort was dedicated to positively changing the profession in relation to the development of sustainable built environments. Had her focus not been on the creation and maturation of the sustainability movement, her resolve would have dramatically affected the evolution of whatever endeavor she put her mind and efforts towards. Gail was a force in the architectural world of North Carolina, the country, and ultimately the world. Anyone who knew and worked with Gail was enriched and uplifted by her presence and engagement.

The Gail A. Lindsey Award is an honor bestowed to individuals or organizations in North Carolina that have worked in the architectural or an allied profession with the passion and commitment that is exemplary of Gail A. Lindsey. Advancing a cause; tirelessly working to improve the surrounding environment; performing work efforts with grace; and lifting the performance of all with whom one engages, are all qualities demonstrated by the award recipient(s). Like Gail, the annual award winner should be individuals or organizations that anyone would be proud to have worked with and/or called their colleague(s). Although the recipient(s) may have affected change in the area of environmental sustainability, the essential criteria is excellence in the chosen area of work related to architecture or an allied profession.


Individuals or organizations with a significant, positive, impact on North Carolina, or a region of North Carolina.


Nominations may be made by members, the public, or by AIA North Carolina Sections. Nominations will open in the summer of 2018.


All submissions must be made no later than 2018  In a 1”, 3-RING, HARDCOVER BINDER. 

Additionally, you must submit a digital copy of your information. Please create a single PDF file and place it on a flash drive, to be included in the submission folder. 

The submissions, not to exceed 20 8 ½” x 11” pages, should include the following information:

  1. Letter of nomination that summarizes the contributions made by the individual or organization.
  2. A brief biography  / description of the nominee
  3. Miscellaneous supportive materials – articles, citations, etc
  4. Letters of support, (not to exceed five letters) from individuals with knowledge of sustainable, harmonious living demonstrated by the nominee; letters should be explicit in the recommendation and contain specific reasons for support.

Previous winners

2009 Cheryl Walker, FAIA Charlotte
2010 Douglas M. Brinkley, FAIA Raleigh
2011 Alicia Ravetto, FAIA Carrboro
2012 Renee Hutcheson, FAIA Raleigh
2013 NCSEA Raleigh
2014 no recipient
2015 no recipient
2016 Jeff Tiller, Boone
2017 no recipient